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I'm Bárbara aka Babou, I'm brazilian, I plan on going to film school and make pretty movies like the french make. I'm trilingual (nah, not really), I love reading and drawing, but I suck at writing. It's okay, I'll just focus on reading good fanfiction. I play tennis but I'm very lazy, so I prefer watching the pretty boys play. I also fence. I don't think I would live withouth fencing nowadays. It kills you slowly, but it's just awesome. I also love ping pong to death. :D

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Movies: Dancer In The Dark, Gone With The Wind, Dogville, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, 8 Femmes, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Lilja 4-ever.

Fandoms: Harry Potter, CSI, Tennis, Grey's Anatomy, House, Swimming, Buffy.

Listening Now: Coralie Clément, Arctic Monkeys, Save Ferris, Belle & Sebastian, Björk, Blur, Tegan & Sara, The Dresden Dolls.

Random Love: FENCING, Hockey, gymnastics, swimmers, olympics, belgium chocolate, french coffee, Paris, cafés, brasseries, tennis players, crazy russians and crafty swisses, world culture, Kate Walsh, pretty World Cup football players.

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